Tauranga: the racism friendly city

“Māori are not partners, a related party, or fellow residents. Māori present a range of problems that require resolution.

For example, in land development, Māori are consulted because that is a required legal step. The appropriate resources and pressure are applied to move from that step to the next one. Māori are a problem to be resolved in land development. In council events, Māori are invited to open with a karakia and do kapa haka. This ensures the problem of how to appropriately acknowledge iwi is resolved. Māori are included to avoid problems.”

First We Take Manhattan

In the last week, my friend and local notable Pat Spellman has kicked off a campaign with Moana FM to make Tauranga a te reo Māori friendly city. As Pat, notes there are three simple goals in Tauranga Te Reo: embracing diversity; improving knowledge of basic te reo Māori; and bringing the city together. The Bay of Plenty Times has given Pat plenty of column centimetres and have been, if not supportive, at least interested in debating the idea.

Cue hate fest.

It was, of course predictable there would be a hate fest. The leading contender for hater of the year wrote into the Sunlive all the way from Wanganui (I have it on good authority that this a place that is somewhere near Whanganui). It’s worth reading in full:

I read Pat Spellman from Tauranga wants Tauranga City to be the first to have signs in public places both…

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