Chile: Final Words of Machi Celestino Córdova as He Faces Impending Death

The Free

Posted on 17/08/2020 by anarchistsworldwide

13.08.2020: To the Mapuche nation, to the Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples of the world. To all of those who struggle for their spiritual beliefs, their territory, their freedom, their rights in dignifying their people. Always in search of the complete balance of the natural order of our Mother Earth, Ñuke Mapu, who has supernaturally privileged all of us as human beings—human beings who sadly still do not have the consciousness to value our Mother Earth as she deserves.

I deeply regret that I have to give you my last message, during my final remaining days. My sacrifice is definite. It will be an honor to give my life for the Mapuche people, for our spiritual belief which is sacred above all else. Thus, it should never be renounced.

And more than anything else, because my condition as Machi is my duty. It is mandated supernaturally…

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