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Colonization – The Real Agenda

The real agenda for colonization, succinctly stated here by Great Britain’s ‘golden son’ Cecil Rhodes,  is and always has been,  the acquisition of land and resources.

“We must find new lands from which we can easily obtain raw materials and at the same time exploit the cheap slave labour that is available from the natives of the colonies. The colonies would also provide a dumping ground for the surplus goods produced in our factories”  Cecil Rhodes (PC, DCL)


Let’s be done with that ‘civilization’ lie that’s been bandied about for centuries. No explorer set forth from the comfort of their own lands to benevolently share their knowledge or benefit humankind. Their documented purpose was to acquire lands and resources. Should you the reader be in doubt about this, note, the statements of intent by the colonizers have been well documented. That ‘great Christian nation’ Great Britain and all the other nations …  Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain and so on, all had similar agendas, frequently also revealed in their writings. That much celebrated son Christopher Columbus, who has a national day dedicated to his memory, set off, as his diaries, letters and reports clearly document, to encounter wealth for himself and his sponsors. (Churchill W, Since Predator Came, p 15)  “One who has gold” he said, “does as he wills in the world, and it even sends souls to Paradise”. Hernan Cortes, conqueror of Mexico similarly confessed … “We Spanish suffer from a sickness of the heart for which gold is the only cure”.  Official figures reveal that at least 18,000 tons of silver and 200 tons of gold were transferred from America to Spain during the period 1521 – 1660, some estimates are  double that (Beaud M, A History of Capitalism 1500-1980, p19).

When the Batavia merchants of the Dutch East India Company were  sending out Abel Tasman what they recorded spells out quite clearly their expectations:

‘… the remaining unknown part of the terrestrial globe’ must needs … comprise well-populated districts in favourable climates and under propitious skies … so that it may be confidently expected that the expense and trouble that must be bestowed in the eventual discovery of so large a portion of the world will be rewarded with certain fruits of material profit and immortal fame’. Further … ‘If, unlikely as it may be,  you should happen to come to any country peopled by civilized men, you will give to them greater attention than to wild barbarians, endeavouring to come into contact and parley with its magistrates and subjects, letting them know that you have landed there for the sake of commerce,showing them specimens of the commodities which you have taken on board for the purpose . . . closely observing what things they set store by and are most inclined to; especially trying to find out what commodities their country yields, likewise inquiring after gold and silver, whether the latter are by them held in high esteem; making them believe that you are by no means eager for precious metals, so as to leave them ignorant of the value of the same; and if they should offer you gold or silver in exchange for your articles, you will pretend to hold the same in slight regard, showing them copper, pewter, or lead, and giving them an impression as if the minerals last mentioned were by us set greater value on.’ (

No mention there of civilizing or benefiting the ‘natives’ in any way and much about enriching themselves in true capitalistic style, withholding such vital information that no informed decisions could be said to be made in any of their lop sided trading endeavours … with people who generally would have no concept of buying or selling.

'Armstrong 9-pounder gun', URL:, (Ministry for Culture and Heritage), updated 19-Aug-2014
Armstrong 9-pounder Gun

The takers for all these lies are frequently now blamed for allowing all this. All their great losses were simply their own fault. Their own fault for trusting. Most indigenous peoples in fact were very hospitable to the newcomers and helped them to survive in the new terrain. Until their numbers were great enough to turn the tables and display their true intent by which time it was too late to overthrow them. By that time the guests had imported their superior military equipment such as cannons like the Armstrong pictured here that was used in the NZ Land Wars. * [Image Credit:’Armstrong 9-pounder gun’, URL:, (Ministry for Culture and Heritage].

Here we have the purpose of colonization in a nutshell. The same scenario played out right around the planet and each nation has its own sad story to tell; robbery of land, language and resources with a subsequent agenda of annihilation of their indigenous peoples by death or assimilation. For a wider perspective go to Overview

Photo Credit: Header image Wikipedia ‘The Return of Columbus 1493’

The land of our ancestors is stolen away from us …