Top 6 countries that grew rich by enslaving black people

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 October 27, 2013  –  By Atlanta Black Star staff

The United States of America

Enslaved Blacks picking cotton

Their unpaid labor created the fabulous wealth that is traded here (below).

Slavery transformed America into an economic power. The exploitation of Black people for free labor made the South the richest and most politically powerful region in the country. British demand for American cotton made the southern stretch of the Mississippi River the Silicon Valley of its era, boasting the single largest concentration of the nation’s millionaires.

But slavery was a national enterprise. Many firms on Wall Street, such as JPMorgan Chase, New York Life and now-defunct Lehman Brothers, made fortunes from investing in the slave trade, the most profitable economic activity in New York’s 350-year history. Slavery was so important to the city that New York was one of…

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New Zealand Wars: The Failed British Effort to Destroy the Maori King Movement

The Most Revolutionary Act

The New Zealand Wars Part 3: The Invasion of Waikato

Directed by Tainui Stephens (2017)

Film Review

Part 3 begins by describing an 1863 audience between 16 Mäori entertainers and Queen Victoria – in which she promises to let them keep their land. This meeting occurs, ironically, just 12 days after British soldiers invade Waikato.

By now Governor Grey’s main objective is to kill the Mäori king and destroy the King movement. Although iwi continue to be divided whether to fight or trade with the British, there is now sufficient unity under the King movement to assemble a force of 4,000 warriors.

By lying to British authorities about a fictitious Mäori plot to invade Auckland, Grey requests and receives several armored battleships with canon and thousands of additional troops.

Again vastly outnumbered (by 18,000 British troops), Mäori lose the Waikato War due to a strategic blunder – failing to allow…

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Arab Involvement In The African Slave Trade — Another Under-addressed Facet Of Black History – By Yvonne Sam

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Arab Involvement In The African Slave Trade — Another Under-addressed Facet Of Black History

19th-century engraving, depicting an Arab slave-trading caravan transporting Black African slaves across the Sahara. Credit: 19th-century engraving, uploaded by DavidYork71 at en.wikipedia; Public Domain.

Arab Involvement In The African Slave Trade — Another Under-addressed Facet Of Black History

Yvonne Sam -- newThat Arab slavers were the first, and last, in modern times, to ship millions of Africans out of the continent as slaves? Most people still have the so-called Transatlantic [slave] trade by Europeans in mind; but, in reality, Arab-Muslim slavery was much greater.

Even in the face of years of Black History Months, currently there still remain Earth-occupants, many of whom know little-to-nothing about the expansive role, played by Arab and Muslim slavers in the African slave trade.           

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Maori Land Wars: Genocide New Zealand Style

The Most Revolutionary Act

New Zealand Wars: Part 2 Kings and Empire

Directed by Tainui Stephens (2017)

Film Review

Part 2 of this series concerns the Wairau Valley War (1843), the Wellington War (1846), and the first Taranaki land war (1860-61).

The Wairau Valley War started when British settlers in the Marlborough Sounds (top of South Island) tried to farm land that still belong to Māori. After local iwi (tribes) drove out the land surveyors and set fire to their huts, 50 armed settlers marched to the Wairau Valley to “teach Māori” a lesson. Te Rauparaha, aka the Emperor of the South,* organized iwi warriors on both sides of Cook Strait to repel them.

Responding to growing fears Te Rauparaha would also attack unauthorized settlers, the newly appointed governor general George Grey marched British troops into in the Hutt Valley northwest of Wellington. Local Māori responded by killing the settlers who had illegally taken…

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Colombia’s Indigenous Demand Justice After 20 Leaders Killed


Castillo, who participates in the World Encounter Against Imperialism, remarked that there is a systematic massacre occurring in his country.

Demonstrators take part in a protest against the government of Colombia's President Ivan Duque, in Bogota, Colombia, January 21, 2020.Demonstrators take part in a protest against the government of Colombia’s President Ivan Duque, in Bogota, Colombia, January 21, 2020. | Photo: Reuters (Photo posted here fromteleSUR).

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Lost Country: Aboriginal Flags Have Begun Flying At Half Mast Around Australia


(IMAGE: Chris Graham, New Matilda)

“Aboriginal and non-Indigenous Australians all understand that by lowering a flag we acknowledge that something has died or that something is dying. It is a symbol of mourning. There are so many people who are feeling anguish.”


Lost Country: Aboriginal Flags Have Begun Flying At Half Mast Around Australia

By Chris Graham on January 17, 2020 Aboriginal Affairs


An Aboriginal woman from Victoria is hoping that First Nations people and organisations around the nation will join her university in flying Indigenous flags at half mast, to acknowledge the grief Aboriginal people are feeling at the destruction of Country from Australia’s ongoing bushfire crisis.

Associate Professor Gabrielle Fletcher is a Gundungurra woman from the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. She’s also a Professor in Indigenous Studies and…

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Indian Wars: Sand Creek (1864)

The Custer Girl

The Sand Creek Massacre


(Drawing: Cheyenne survivor, Howling Wolf)

Date:             November 29, 1864.

Opponents:  Colonel John Milton Chivington and the Colorado U.S. Volunteer Cavalry.


                        Chief Black Kettle and the Southern Cheyenne, with their Arapaho allies.

Place:             Sand Creek, in Eastern Colorado.

* Colonel Chivington was a Methodist preacher, freemason, and opponent of slavery, with an intense hatred of Native Americans:  “Damn any man who sympathizes with Indians! . . . I have come to kill Indians, and believe it is right and honorable to use any means under God’s heaven. . . . Kill and scalp all, big and little; nits make lice.”

* Chief Black Kettle flew an American flag over his lodge to show his friendly intent.  He wanted peace.

 * In 8 hours the Cheyenne way of life was changed forever.

 * 675 soldiers attacked a village of 700 predominantly elders, women, and children while the…

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Invasion: Canada’s Ongoing Colonization of Its Indigenous People

The Most Revolutionary Act


Unistoten Camp (2019)

Film Review

Invasion is about an incursion into Wet’suwet’en earlier this year by Canadian police armed with assault weapons. This followed an injunction a British Columbia court granting  petroleum companies authority to build a network of oil/gas pipelines across their land. Since none of the Wet’suet’en clans have ceded their land to European settlers, the injunction is illegal.

Despite the arrest of 14 clan activists, the standoff continues, as the local clans complete construction of a four-story healing center near one of the proposed pipeline routes. The arrests have triggered support protests by indigenous people and environmentalists across Canada and in the US.

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Before Columbus: How Africans Brought Civilization to America

On Monday [October 13 2014], America’s government offices, businesses, and banks all grind to a halt in order to commemorate Columbus Day. In schools up and down the country, little children are taught that a heroic Italian explorer discovered America, and various events and parades are held to celebrate the occasion.

It has now become common knowledge amongst academics that Christopher Columbus clearly did not discover America, not least because is it impossible to discover a people and a continent that was already there and thriving with culture. One can only wonder how Columbus could have discovered America when people were watching him from America’s shores?


The land of our ancestors is stolen away from us …

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