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6-7 million Bengalis starved to death under Great Britain’s Churchill – largely whitewashed from British history

During the Bengali famine of World War 2 when 6-7 million Bengali people starved to death under Winston Churchill’s watch (largely whitewashed from British history).  Reportedly, when Churchill first received a telegram from the British colonial authorities in New Delhi about the rising toll of famine deaths in Bengal, his reaction was simply that he regretted that nationalist leader Mahatma Gandhi was not one of the victims. He’s been quoted as saying:

“I hate Indians. They are a beastly people  with a beastly religion …  they [Bengalis] breed like rabbits” Sir Winston Churchill


This article is from Countercurrents.org

WW2 Bengali Holocaust: “Churchill’s Secret War” By Madhusree Mukerjee

By Dr Gideon Polya

13 June, 2011

The important book “Churchill’s Secret War. The British Empire and the ravaging of India during World War II” by Madhusree Mukerjee  (Basic Books, New York, 2010) is an account of the forgotten World War 2  Bengali Holocaust, the man-made, 1942-1945  Bengal Famine  in which 6-7 million Indians were deliberately starved to death by the British under Churchill for strategic reasons in what was one of the greatest atrocities in human history but which has been largely white washed from British history.




Photo: Winston Churchill, Wikipedia