The Boarding Schools

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Carlisle Indian Industrial School (1879-1918) Pennsylvania

The spreading of the Gospel, regardless of the motives or the integrity or the heroism of some of the missionaries, was an absolutely indispensable justification for the planting of the flag. Priests and nuns and schoolteachers helped to protect and sanctify the power that was so ruthlessly being used by people who were indeed seeking a city, but not one in the heavens, and one to be made, very definitely, by captive hands. The Christian church itself – again, as distinguished from some of its ministers – sanctified and rejoiced in the conquests of the flag, and encouraged, if it did not formulate the belief that conquest, with the resulting relative well-being of the Western populations, was proof of the favor of God
James Baldwin   (The Fire Next Time, pp 65, 66)

It is little known what the real purpose of these schools was. Buried away in the archives, away from the public eye, the statements of intent still tell the tale. Many of us have heard the term ‘stolen generation’ from Australia and/or seen the documentary  Rabbit-Proof Fence (available to purchase or rent online)The generations that former PM Howard refused to apologize to on behalf of the Australian Government for stealing children from their Aboriginal families. Many of these children were the progeny of white rapists, taken to be raised in white homes and assimilated into the white way of living, their true identities stripped from them. The stories are horrific and not confined to just Australia. North America and Canada have equally as horrific stories of little ones plucked from their mothers screaming, traumatized, carried away to full time work/prison camps masquerading as boarding schools, many never seeing their parents again. The agenda was lamely described as being for the child’s benefit however that was clearly not the agenda.

For an in depth & well referenced factual read on the boarding ‘schools’ in Canada and America Ward Churchill has written extensively. The stories are damning.

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The land of our ancestors is stolen away from us …